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Authors and Contributors

Authors are people whose contributions significantly shaped the state of somesy at some point in time.

Additional contributors are people who contributed non-trivially to this project in different ways, e.g. by providing smaller fixes and enhancements to the code and/or documentation.

Of course, this is just a rough overview and categorization. For a more complete overview of all contributors and contributions, please inspect the git history of this repository.


  • Mustafa Soylu ( E-Mail, ORCID ): Main developer, maintainer and tester.
  • Anton Pirogov ( E-Mail, ORCID ): Concepts, tool development and enhancement, documentation.

Additional Contributors

  • Jens Bröder ( E-Mail, ORCID ): Discussions and suggestions concerning metadata standards and usability.
  • Volker Hofmann ( E-Mail, ORCID ): Discussions and suggestions concerning tool scope and usability.
  • Stefan Sandfeld ( E-Mail, ORCID )

... maybe you?